Medical LED, UV LED Disinfection, UV Curing, and UV Printing Solutions

About Us

About Us

Verentia is a manufacturer of world-class Medical LED Lights, UV Solutions LED Lights used by customers, Industrial product designers, manufacturers and consumers to illuminate, disinfect or Industrial or other numerous relevant applications. 

Verentia's scope lies in design, engineering and manufacture of high-quality, high-performance medical LED lighting products, solutions for UV LED,  disinfecting, Industrial curing and UV Printing applications. The detailed applications, datasheet is covered in relevant pages within Verentia website which allows customers to browse and solicit information about applications, products and service extended to customers at the best value for their money spent. The above is accomplished by competent team in achieving requisite quality, flexible design, aesthetic and durable products.

Why Us!

Lighting  solutions is about creating an healthier and hygenic environment that uses light as the medium of expression, advertising and communication at the same time using it for disinfecting the medium for betterment of stakeholders as whole. The light spectrum can also be employed in Industrial application like water disinfection, curing, printing which supports customer goal to create better value for the customers at large. This means having one's work blend seamlessly with the architecture, often at the risk of not being seen, thus creating seamless applications with the usage of light spectrum

It's also about giving definition and true meaning to space, products and solutions which allow consumers and stakeholders to better connect with product to achieve business goals whilst at the same time enlightening customer experience by way of medical lighting and disinfection solutions.

Mission & Objectives

Verentia's Vision and Mission


Verentia's Vision is to continually empower Institutions, organizations, municipal corporation, councils, communities, and individuals to get the maximum benefit of light spectrum,  and Interconnected communication solutions by safely and sustainably empowering customer through energy efficient, cutting edge LED lighting for medical, UV Led for disinfection and Industrial applications.


Our mission is to carefully attend to detail in the specifications and requirement of Light spectrum, to uphold superb quality at all levels of design & engineering, product development, manufacturing, quality, service and satisfy all our customers and stakeholders at an affordable price with objective to earn reasonable profits.

To maintain the track of our development as a modern company that actively sets trends in terms of design, technology, value engineering, as well as consideration and respect for the environment. 

Verentia puts an emphasis on maximum customer satisfaction by exceeding customers needs and expectations at the same time balancing the operative and strategic alignment allowing us to achieve our vision and operating goals.

Verentia's Objectives and Guiding Principles

  • We shall position ourselves as a quality manufacturer that strives to provide latest technology, quality materials, delivery, reliability at an affordable price. We intend to establish a good rapport with all the relevant stakeholders.
  • Provision of a great work environment, treating each other with respect and dignity.
  • Apply high-quality standards of excellence to all business processes.
  • Develop enthusiastically-satisfied customers all of the time.
  • Contribute positively to our communities and our environment.
  • To continuously formalise and measure cross-functional working communication so as to ensure that the various departments work harmoniously towards attainment of company objectives.
  • To instil a culture of continuous improvement in beating standards of customer satisfaction and efficiency.
  • Fully commit to supporting growth and development in the economy.

Verentia Core Strength

Core Strength


To create our custom LED Solutions, our in-house team of OPTICAL, LIGHTING, ELECTRONIC & MECHANICAL Engineers build a solution around the LED chip in its most fundamental form and work with you to design a complete lighting solution specifically for your application. 

With SOLID CORE STRENGTH in designing custom solutions, we understand that you need the most appropriate solution - fast. Our expertise and experience means that we can rapidly deliver the most precise, efficient and cost effective solution, ensuring that you get the maximum performance from your system.


Verentia expertise in mechanical design, optical modeling, electronic engineering and advanced thermal management allows our team to tackle the most challenging of illumination requirements.

Customized Solution


Verentia Strengths in solid state electronics and related technology allow us to offer the widest range of wavelengths available in the market. We specialize in creating custom LED solutions that utilize multiple wavelengths & non-visible wavelengths. The strength of our relationships with LED technology manufacturers means that we are always up-to-date with the latest in solid state electronics development technology and can source LED chips at competitive prices.

At Verentia, we utilize Chip-on-Board technology to create compact, high intensity and uniform spectrum led light solutions. We design and manufacture products, from intricate LED arrays to complex turnkey solutions, integrating custom optics, electronics, mechanics and software to provide the best possible solution according to customer requirements and specifications. 

Simulation and Modeling


For the most challenging applications, off-the-shelf lighting solutions cannot deliver the performance you need to optimize your system. Often designed for a wide range of applications, these off-the-shelf products simply cannot deliver the same results as a custom LED solution that is designed specifically to meet your requirements.

A key consideration when delivering high intensity products is thermal management. Proper thermal management allows the LEDs to be driven harder, maximizing light output without degrading the lifetime of your product. Our comprehensive LED experience has enabled us to develop unique capabilities and proprietary thermal modeling techniques setting us apart from others.

Optical Engineering

Verentia has a dedicated team of highly qualified Optical engineers. We utilize standard design tools to model and create the optimal optical system for you. No matter the complexity of the design, from systems incorporating readily available components to entirely custom designs, we select the most qualified supply chain partners to ensure the highest quality solution for you. 

• Custom optics design in plastic or glass

• Optical Systems Design incorporating readily available optics

• Optical Modeling

• Optical Characterization and System Validation

• Trusted and qualified supply chain

Mechanical Engineering

Our in-house team of Mechanical engineers has experience across a wide range of industries and utilizes industry standard software. The engineering team is capable of designing a range of complex assemblies from compact to large turnkey LED solutions. 

Intricate, complex LED designs

Robust solutions for harsh environments e.g. IP 67 products, products that operate at -50 degree centigrade

Cooling systems for extremely high powered devices e.g devices up to 2-3KW

Electronics Engineering


The driver and control electronics of a turnkey LED solution are critical components. Our in-house team of Electronic engineers develops PCB electronics and software providing capabilities such as: dimming (0-100%), strobing, temperature control, voltage surge protection, calibration and optical output monitoring. We develop both Firmware and Software and can work with any communications protocol including Ethernet, USB & Analogue, Bluetooth and IOT based communication.

All disciplines in-house including design, layout, prototype assembly and validation

Digital design, Analogue design & Software development

Asic, FPGA, Micro–processors

Communications protocol including Ethernet, Ethercat, USB & Analogue

Core Compentency

Challenging Application demand exacting requirements


Challenging applications often demand very detailed and exacting requirements that may not be available from off-the-shelf solutions. For past couple of Verentia has worked closely with customers to design LED solutions for their specific application needs. Our goal is to deliver the most precise, efficient and cost effective product for customer application. We put all our resources and experience at your disposal to help you meet your targets.

Design Process

Our design process starts with the customer requirements. We recognize the importance of understanding every aspect of a customer's specification and our engineers collaborate directly with our customer to ensure that the correct specification is developed. 

Once we agree on a full specification, Verentia leverages the expertise of our in-house optical, electronic, thermal, mechanical and software engineers to develop a product concept for your approval. By working closely with our supply chain partners, we ensure prompt delivery of quality prototypes.

Key Strength

One of our key strengths at Verentia is our ability to design and manufacture turnkey solutions. Our ISO certified production facilities offer the flexibility to produce highly complex products in both low and high volume for our global customers. Our processes and procedures ensure that we consistently deliver on time, every time.

Registration and Certifications

Certificate of Incorporation (CIN)


Goods and Service Tax Registration (GST)


Certificate of Recognition Startup - Dept of Industrial Policy and Promotion



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