lyonMED - LED Medical lights

Creativity and Innvoation in Medical LED Lights

Verentia manufactures and delivers medical led lights which offers freedom to medical practitioners as well as reliiability of supply in terms of lumens for OR, intensive treatment and other critical surgeries.

Medical LED technology from Verentia offers all of above. High flexibility and unparalleled innovativenenss in terms of product engineering. Verentia has the inhouse capacity to design, engineer the required electronics, thermal design to reduce doctor discomfort during surgeries 

Highly efficient Light source for Medical applications

 LEDs are highly efficient light sources for surgical applications.

Verentia advanced engineering has combined the advanatages of LED innovative light source with new extremely compact high CRI, light weight yet robust housing design that includes lens and reflectors for enhanced Lumen output and shadow control, by way of efficient regulation of thermal management system

 The maximum light head temperature (upper surface) will not exceed 35 °C*. With an average operational lifetime of 50,000 hours making LyonMED LED technology highly reliable and affordable

LyonMED product features

Experience the difference in coolness, confort and quality

100,000 or 140,000 lux of high CRI LED Light

Higher Electrical and mechanical effeciencies

Offer better tissue discrimination of CRI upto 95

Accurate color rendition

Medical LED Light Data sheets Downloads