Creativity and Innovation in Medical LED OT Lighting

Creativity and innovation in Medical LED Lights

Verentia manufactures and delivers medical led lights which offers freedom to medical practitioners as well as reliiability of supply in terms of lumens for OR, intensive treatment and other critical surgeries.

Medical LED technology from Verentia offers all of above. High flexibility and unparalleled innovativenenss in terms of product engineering. Verentia has the inhouse capacity to design, engineer the required electronics, thermal design to reduce doctor discomfort during surgeries 

Efficient Light source for Medical Lighting

LEDs are highly efficient light sources for surgical applications. Verentia advanced engineering has combined the advanatages of LED innovative light source with new extremely compact high CRI, light weight yet robust housing design that includes lens and reflectors for enhanced Lumen output and shadow control, by way of efficient regulation of thermal management system. The maximum light head temperature (upper surface) will not exceed 35 °C*. With an average operational lifetime of 50,000 hours making LyonMED LED technology highly reliable and affordable lighting solutions for medical needs

Spot on Features

Long lasting and efficient light source, high performance aerodynamic light housing, narrow beam optical source with inbuilt electronic controller system.Accurate color reproduction, high illumination with optimum color rendering, exceptionally high light output with lower losses and high thermal performance. 

Flexible suspension system with good range, 3600 rotation, support personal during medical procedures.

Anti Microbial coating and surface treatment with view to enhance hygienic & corrosion resistance. 

Virtually maintenance free. Environmental friendly solutions.

IP 65 Ratings with 1 years warranty.

Innovative, high performance, quality medical lighting

Product Design and Innovation

Product Design and Flexibility

The use of LED technology permits high luminance, low heat build-up, a maintenance free service life, high efficiency, high CRI light quality and thus maximum economic viability.

LyonMed offers excellent flexibility to change the lumens levels with modulation in CCT according to operating conditions just with change in switch located in OT light heat and TFT panels 

Innovation and Quality

The low-glare illumination of the wound area using neutral white light with a color temperature of 4000 K, a maximum luminance of 60,000 lx or 160,000 lx respectively, homogeneous light field, provides optimal lighting conditions for the user. The high color rendering index CRI > 95, and high R9 factor allows tissues to be distinguished with utmost precision.

Verentia relies on high-quality materials and precise workmanship to produce high quality OT/Dental and examination lights which offers unmatched quality at affordable prices.

Highest Standards in Medical OT design, manufacturing and Quality

Medical fraternity at hospitals encounter various tasks, surgeries, examinations and treatments. Focus and clear visibility is almost constantly challenged. Performance and reliability of medical equipment is therefore especially paramount - this includes lighting. At the same time, the subject of economic efficiency gains in importance. Intelligent and high quality lighting solutions help to reduce ongoing operational costs significantly.

Nanomaterial antimicrobial coating and sealing function

Verentia OT/dental lights comes with the integrated nanomaterial antimicrobial function that is sanitized in the upper and lower luminaire housing. and the control panel help to keep these critical areas hygienic.

The specially designed OT light head sealing seals the circumferential OT light head that avoids infiltrations of dust, dirt and moisture inside the medical OT lamp head.



The LyonMed innovative minor LED surgical lights are used for surgical, dental and other examination procedures. 

Target customers include medical and veterinary doctors in private practices, medical centers, implant centers, clinics and hospitals, where the lights may be used in particular in intensive care units, emergency rooms, anesthesia and recovery rooms as well as delivery and examination rooms.

LyonMED Features

Color composition and variable change of CCT

  Verentia Lyon Med LED OT Lights offers customers diverse CCT modulation from 2500K to 6000K which allows medical fraternity to change the color temperature according to the individual needs of surgical procedures. 

The CCT modulation can be simply done by way of modulation available at OT Light head or touch screen control panel. 

Efficient modulation of OT lights


LyonMed LED comes without IR components with shadow free operation during the surgical procedures with ideal illumination to light field diameter. LyonMed Led OT lights comes with high performance LED with inbuilt microprocessor based control that offers unmatched performance and reliability. Verentia specially designed micro electronics allows for ease in modulation to achieve desired Illumination levels from 15,000 to 165,000 Lux levels.

SD/HD Camera, medical monitors, VDR systems with inbuilt ergonomic handle

LyonMed offers sleek SD/HD camera, medical monitors, video recording systems and inbuilt ergonomic handle.

The LyonMed incorporates the Sony CMOS image sensor in a 1/1.2” optical format delivering up to 1080p resolution at 60 frames per second with selectable 3G-SDI or HD-SDI output. LyonMed medical imaging sleek camera provides excellent sensitivity and amazing dynamic range, making it suitable for a broad range of diverse medical demanding applications, LyonMed can help optimize the camera to your exact requirements.

Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Engineering


For the most challenging applications, off-the-shelf lighting solutions cannot deliver the performance you need to optimize your system. Often designed for a wide range of applications, these off-the-shelf products simply cannot deliver the same results as a custom LED solution that is designed specifically to meet your requirements. A key consideration when delivering high intensity products is thermal management. Proper thermal management allows the LEDs to be driven harder, maximizing light output without degrading the lifetime of your product. Our comprehensive LED experience has enabled us to develop unique capabilities and proprietary thermal modeling techniques setting us apart from others.

High CRI, warranty and life span


LyonMed comes with inbuilt high performance LED with high CRI factor to suit medical needs. LyonMed offers unparalled ease in controlling illumination, CCT and CRI. High CRI values of greater than 95+ with high R9 factor, allows surgeons/doctors or medical staff to easily identify red color from the OT light spectrum.

Efficient design of LED, LED optics, medical electronics and thermal engineering support long life and ease in maintenance.

Dynamically balanced, Stable and Sleek suspension system.


LyonMed comes with Sleek suspension system with an option for ceiling/wall and pedestal mount system, with an option for multiple light head and for mounting of medical monitors for HD/SD Video Camera. The suspension system boasts inbuilt wiring and control system for free and aerodynamic movement with Premium bearings, Perfect parallel guidance during vertical movement of the end devices, Easy movement and stays stable in every position.

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