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LED Lighting - Business appeal

Verentia supports "Human Centric Lighting", Safety, Quality and high level of customer service.

Verentia is positioned to deliver high quality LED lighting products in architectural, commercial, residential and speciality lighting covering broad spectrum but not limited to and including task lighting, linear lighting, general area lighting, landscape and decorative lighting. 

Whether a retail location or restaurant, malls or office, swimming pools or sports complex, we generate computerized lighting layouts and assist your designer or architect to ensure the lighting is appropriate for the application, energy-efficient, and available to meet your schedule.

LED solutions is easy to implement and can improve visibility, safety and the appearance of a location with recessed lighting, accent and task lighting, as well as lighting for open areas, corridors and parking structures.

Unique Sales Preposition

Verentia has the technical tools and skills to make your lighting concepts a reality.We have the software, expertise, experience, and energy awareness to address all your design needs.

Verentia prides itself on our dedicated customer service team, design and knowledgeable national sales force that are here to provide you with unparalleled levels of service

Products - Indoor LED Lights

Linear LED

Linear LED lights are great for illuminating warehouse aisles and shelving as well as gyms, parking garages, supermarkets, and tunnels. Heavy-duty construction is matched with high light output, long lifespans, and energy-efficiency to outperform traditional light fixtures.

LED Spot Lights

The LED Spot lights with varied beam angle from 45-120 degree used immensely in Infrastructure Applications 

Tunnel, Subway, Underground light for led flood light; Gym, Sports Stadium,Stadium; Building, Billboard;
Petrol and Gas Station, Garage lamp flood light; Also used in Park and for Garden lighting; Workshop, Factory; Warehouse, Storage; led flood light for Yard, Square ; Road, Highway light outdoor use

Infrastructure led lights

LED Street Light

LEDs have extremely long lives, they don't have filaments that can quickly burn out and they don't contain toxic chemicals like mercury, unlike traditional high-pressure sodium lamps or mercury-vapor lamps. An LED light can last more than 50,000 hours. These lights also have reduced maintenance costs because of their long lives and they give off less heat than other bulbs. Because they last so long, LEDs are suitable for places where replacing light bulbs is expensive, inconvenient or otherwise difficult. LEDs are highly energy efficient., they use 15 percent of the energy of an incandescent bulb while generating more light per watt. LEDs produce 80 lumens per watt; traditional streetlights can only muster 58 lumens per watt 

LED Canopy Light

LED Canopy Lights also known as LED parking lot lights are versatile, sturdy and perfect for outdoor locations. Canopy lighting fixtures are ideal for illuminating gas stations, parking structures, buildings, walkways and entryways. They also heighten safety and provide greater security for pedestrians.

We offer customers a wide range of LED canopy lights in various wattages, strengths and color temperatures. Not only are they incredibly durable and reliable; the lights also provide optimal energy efficiency, significantly reducing your lighting energy consumption, improving ROI. 

LED Tunnel Light

The LED tunnel lights find its applications in lighting of the tunnels and passageways. The LED tunnels lighting can be divided into three categories entry lighting,interior lighting and exit lighting.These three have different requirements of lighting due to different change in environments .Thus the LED tunnel light have different applications at these three different points of the tunnels. Further the importance of tunnel lighting cannot be underestimated. Especially in tunnels where maximum of lighting is required, durable, reliable, longer life and energy efficiency. The application of white light ensures high color recognition and better uniformity while contamination is reduced because LED’s in tunnels get less hot. Moreover, LED’s are insensitive to vibrations and shocks, preventing drivers from being exposed to changing light conditions.

High Mast LED Flood light

An LED flood light is a source of bright white light, which it beams out at a very broad angle. LED flood lights are in use in many areas such as warehouses, perimeters of houses, theaters, playgrounds and stadiums. These lights have several benefits to offer users, especially when compared to standard incandescent, CFL or halogen lights. Led flood lights are also used for both residential and commercial purposes.  Flood lights are installed at homes along with security systems. The bright and clear light is an added feature, which allows cameras to capture more visible images.  Motion sensor lights also help deter possible intruders. Cities all over the country have also started using LED flood light for public areas. Parks and other pedestrian areas are a lot safer with the additional lighting.  It eliminates shadows, thereby preventing accidents and crimes.

Industrial LED Lighting

LED Wall Washer

Verentia wall washers offers what could possible cure the fear of color commitment. Verentia offers a range of several high output LED washers suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications. This includes wall washing, stage lighting, and spot lighting. As matter of fact these durable LED light sources are designed for large area and building illumination, they are a popular choice for special events, sports competitions, concerts, and set designs. Verentia offers its customers to choose between the convenience of a remote or the control of a DMX system at your fingertips. Who says a coat of paint is the easiest way to change the look and feel inside or outside the building or a room? 

LED Bay Lighting

Warehouses, factories, and other industrial facilities have always relied on high bay lighting to provide bright light to large spaces. Infact any situation where the lights are hung from above is a great use case for the UFOs bay lighting .They start at 50 watts and 6000 Lumens which is good from 12-15 feet high.They go up to 200 watt at 25,000 Lumens which can work as high as 35 feet if you have enough of them.The light can project that far. While initially they have been hung in warehouses and other tall ceiling buildings, we are witnessing more of them used in retail and restaurants as design pieces.They are becoming part of a ‘modern’ look in lighting. The LED UFO High Bay fixtures provide high quality, bright light while cutting out the maintenance costs of lamp and ballast replacements. Their rugged, yet lightweight design, including 3 Core 18AWG cabling, makes them easy to install, and able to stand up to rigorous use in industrial facilities. 

Speciality LED Lighting

Airfield Lighting

 Advanced, energy-efficient lighting is one strategy at the forefront of 21st century global research to reduce energy use and carbon emissions. Light-emitting diodes (LEDs), a type of solid-state lighting, can benefit the aviation industry and U.S. airfields significantly. LEDs promise lower energy consumption, reduced maintenance, and better visual perception for pilots. 

Stage Lighting

LED stage lighting instruments are stage lighting instruments that use light emitting diodes (LEDs) as a light source. LED instruments are an alternative to traditional stage lighting instruments which use halogen bulbs or high intensity discharge lamps. Like other LED instruments, they have high light output with lower power consumption.  LED instruments can and have been used to replace any conventional lighting fixture, most shows use LEDs only for lighting stage as top, side or back light. They can also be used as 'audience blinders' (lights pointed directly at the audience from a low angle) . 

Marine LED

LED lighting products are sophisticated opto-electronic devices designed for durable, energy efficient, maintenance free operation.Recent quantum leaps in the luminous intensity of LED per watt have allowed marine lighting systems to develop significantly to effectively illuminate a vessel’s interior.  To take advantage of the ever increasing efficacy of the most advanced LED, efficient optic design is essential to capture and spread the available luminous flux emitted by the LED and to evenly illuminate areas. The single most influential driver for LED technology on most yachts and powerboats is the considerable power saving on offer compared to incandescent lamps. Lighting systems are a major part of a vessel’s electrical architecture where consumption can be dramatically reduced.

Verentia marine LED products feature several key advantages such as completely sealed housings, sealed cable entries, effective electronic protection, shock, vibration and impact resistant components that all contribute towards outstanding reliability  

Transportation LED

Directly replace inefficient, conventional old technology transportation lighting with our clean, green, energy-saving and efficient LED replacements! We offer transportation LED products that are high shock/vibration resistant. Our products come in a wide range of voltages, including low voltage! Our white LED lights come in several different Kelvin temperatures, and we also offer LEDs in a full range of colors, including red, green, yellow, amber, blue, orange.Our transportation products are applicable for use on buses, trains interior, Locomotive lighting, Railroad Car Truck Lighting, Rail car brake and tail lights, military vehicles, headlights for industrial vehicles, engine compartment lighting, running/marker lights, door lights, signal lights, trams, warning lights, light rail, railroad lighting, airplanes, boats, and much more!