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Leading innovation in LED Grow Light

Verentia has emerged as leading player to offer adjustable spectrum based design specific to plant c with strong competence in smart led lighting

Verentia has emerged as leading player to offer adjustable spectrum based led lighting coupled with strong competence in LED Grow lighting products

Verentia products continuos to evolve thanks to collaboration with research Institution in holticultual research. The product development efforts have paved way for proven product performance in terms of holticultural metrics, lower

energy consumption and high thermal dynamics

Leading research and commercial establihments are in discussions to deploy Verentia LED based Grow lighting technologies as replacement of traditional halogen based grow lighting products

Our customers are producing the highest quality crops, elevated yields, and are using smart LED lighting to push the notion of what it means to see good returns, through innovative production techniques enabled by light spectrum

Benefits of using LED Gorw Lights

Space saving Design: Where other type of grow light require a lot of space and will often require a lot of equipment to run, Verentia LED grow lights free up your space. The relatively small grow lamps will make it possible to move more freely throughout the grow room, since you will not have to worry about extra equipment and cooling systems that usually take up so much of the available room. The more freely you can access your plants, the better care you will be able to provide.

Low Running Temperature: The temperature of your grow room is incredibly important. Without the right attention paid to how hot your grow room is getting, you will run the risk of losing entire crops. Even with the right attention, it can often require extensive cooling systems to keep your room cool. Verentia LED grow lights have an advantage in that they run at a temperature that is simply warm to the touch, rather than approaching 400 or even 500 degrees.

Power Efficient: Traditional forms of lighting your indoor grow can be very powerful, but unfortunately they aren’t very power efficient. That is why Verentia LED grow lights are preferred. They have the power to produce a great deal of light without having to draw much power. 

Long Lifespan: LED lights are rated at somewhere between 50,000 and 100,000 hours of use. 

Horticultural Research

The introduction of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and solid-state lighting (SSL) has changed everything. With the ability to independently control the light source spectrum from ultraviolet through visible light to far-red, researchers and growers are discovering that plant species and even cultivars respond differently to different spectral power distributions. From these discoveries are coming “light recipes” for optimal plant growth and health

Verentia Grow Light technology is developed taking into consideration the problems faced by growers. We collaborate directly with research institutions and universities for tailor made recipes, which results in highest yield, optimize crop production as well as how light spectrum can be utilized in green houses, growth chambers, hydroponics and nurseries.

Advantage Verentia

Advantage Verentia

Verentia has strong technical competence to deliver tailor made spectrum led light based products. 

Verentia has inhouse design to take care of the engineering, circuit design, thermal engineering, optics to produce the product which has highest performance in terms of photosynthic flux density and energy flux density, providing customer with value add preposition

Location advantage

Verentia engineering team evelops lighting hardware and software solutions in-house, to guarantee the highest reliability and rapid deployment. 

Verentia headquarters is based in Pune, it no coincidence that Verentia's location is near to some of the world's leading technology software, hardware research Institutions and universities. We collaborate with the best people to deliver the best lighting solutions to you


Verentia LED Grown Lights are increasingly being used in Horticultural Research lab, tissue cultures, Corporate and medical research centers, Universities, Green Houses, Nurseries, Hydroponics and Aeroponics farms